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Matchmakers 'Mulled' Gin

Forget Mulled Wine, 'Mull' Gin this Christmas!

In the winter months everybody is familiar with the old warming tipple, Mulled Wine, a festive drink with Red Wine & Winter Spices…

That’s great for the Wine lover, but what winter warmers cater for the Gin lover? Mulled Gin anyone?


What you will need to make 1 Litre of Mulled Gin;

200ml Matchmakers Gin
160ml Extra Dry Vermouth
320ml Fresh Apple Juice
320ml Water
6 tea spoons Clear Honey

Dried Botanicals;

16 Juniper Berries
8 Green Cardamom Pods
6 Star Anise
5 Cloves
2 Whole Nutmeg
2 Cinnamon Sticks

Fresh Fruits & Veg;
1 Ribbon Fresh Lime Peel
1 Ribbon Fresh Lemon Peel
1 Sliced Ginger (Palm Sized)



- 1 -

Heat the water gently in a pan, then stir in the honey to the warming water, along with the ginger slices.


- 2 -

When the mixture starts to simmer, add the apple juice, followed a few minutes later by the gin & vermouth.


- 3 -

Add all the dried botanicals stir and let simmer. Do not boil.


- 4 -

After 5 minutes of light simmering, add the Fresh Peels.


- 5 -

Stir more and leave on a light simmer.


- 6 -

After 20 minutes stir more and taste. Adjust the sweetness by adding more honey, to taste.